09 November 2010

Madison's Beer Dinner - Breaker Brewing Co & Berwick Brewing - Dec 6th

I’m still getting details at this point but here’s what I know:

MADISONS will having a beer dinner on DEC 6TH FEATURING BEERS FROM BREAKER BREWING CO. AND BERWICK BREWING CO. and maybe one more? Anyway the best food and beer pairings will still go on DEC 6TH AT madison's ticket prices will be $48.00 5 courses stop by and reserve your seat not many left , there will be giveaways an...d great beers and great food. The time for the dinner will probably be 6:00p.m.

30 September 2010

Madison's Appears in the Citizen's Voice

Congratulations to Madison's for their recent appearance in the Citizen's Voice. Clicky HERE to read the story.

27 January 2010

Madison's Appears in the Weekender Mystery Mouth

I know from personal experience just how good the food is at Madison's. Tony and his staff are amazing. If you'd like to read the impressive review of the Weekender's Mystery Mouth, Clicky HERE.